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Nicole Costen

Nicole Costen Ruiz graduated from the top of her class at Western State College of Law. She received the highest award in her graduating class for academics and community work. Prior to her legal career, Mrs. Costen Ruiz worked as a social worker and counselor for minority youth. She began her legal career in 2014 and has strived to serve the community with the utmost integrity. As a criminal defense attorney, Mrs. Costen Ruiz has been able to attain excellent results for her clients such as a dismissal for a juvenile charged with attempted robbery and  a diversion for a young man charged with possession of a controlled substance.


Mrs. Costen Ruiz is a legal researcher and zealous trial attorney, her knowledge of criminal law in the state of California is immense. She has been published in Politico magazine and the Precedent. She is active in pushing policy and advocating for more just criminal reform in the city of Los Angeles. She does not settle until she has reached the best possible outcomes and will boldly fight for your defense. 



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