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Ordenes Warrants
arrest bench


There are two types of warrants. The first type is an arrest warrant and the second type is a bench warrant. A warrant can be issued by a Federal or a State judge. The California Warrant Attorneys at COSTEN RUIZ LAW are experienced in handling warrants

They will work to have the warrant recalled and quashed by the court, allowing you to remain out of custody. COSTEN RUIZ LAW focuses in providing a proactive approach for warrants, by getting rid(recalling) the warrant as soon as possible. 

Arrest Warrant


An arrest warrant is a court order issued by a judge for the arrest (or detention) of an person after a crime has been committed. Generally, a warrant will be issued after an investigation by police, sheriff or any law enforcement agency. 

Once a judge determines that there is enough “reasonable suspicion” that a crime occurred, the judge will issue an arrest warrant. Any law enforcement agent can detain a person that has a warrant. 

The Police or any law enforcement officer can go to your home or office to take you into custody. Law enforcement does this to ensure that a person will appear in court. Typically, a warrant requires a bail amount to be posted before a person can be released from custody. The bail acts as a guarantee that the person will return to court. In some cases, a judge can issue an arrest warrant with no bail or a “no nail hold” will be placed by a probation or parole officer. 

Most of the time, the bail will be more than the cost of an attorney. Once you are brought to court, you have the right to a bail hearing. At the Bail hearing, Costen Ruiz Law will push to have the bail lowered, or argue for “conditions” of bail so you can remain out of custody. 

Costen Ruiz Law always argues for the release individuals on their own recognizance (O.R.) who have been arrested on a warrant. This means that the person will have to promise to appear for a future court date. If the court denies O.R., then COSTEN RUIZ LAW will argue for a lowered bail, or conditions of bail. 

Bench Warrant


A bench warrant is an order issued by a judge when a person fails to appear in court after they were supposed to be in court. If the person fails to appear, the judge will issue a bench warrant which requires law enforcement to immediately locate and arrest the person. This typically occurs when the judge has ordered a person to appear for a hearing, progress report or when a probation violation is filed. In some cases, a witness to a crime who has been ordered and fails to appear will have a bench warrant or body attachment ordered. The purpose for the bench warrant is to ensure that the person will appear in court.

As soon as bench warrant has been issued, a person should immediately hire a bench warrant attorney. Once you have a warrant, you can be taken into custody. Any police contact, with an active warrant, can land you in jail. Even a traffic citation can land you in custody, if you have a warrant. Contact COSTEN RUIZ LAW to get a Bench Warrant Attorney or an Arrest Warrant Attorney for you.  

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