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Natalie Renee Sanchez received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from California State University of Long Beach. Upon graduation, Natalie worked as an assistant at a Legal Service company in downtown Los Angeles. Throughout her tenure as an assistant, Natalie worked with the court systems and different types of law. At this time, she knew Law was something of interest to her. As such, Natalie applied to law school to pursue her goal of becoming an Attorney. Natalie was accepted to Western State College at Law at Argosy University. During her time at Western State College of Law, Natalie gained experience as a Certified Law student and represented clients under a supervising attorney. 


She graduated in May 2019 and became the first attorney in her family. After passing the State Bar of California, Natalie was employed by different firms, but had not found her niche. Natalie knew Criminal Law and the process was something she respected. As such, Natalie searched for a Criminal Law Firm to enjoy the benefits of helping people, in need, who may not know how to exercise their Constitutional rights. Natalie now enjoys her work at Costen Ruiz Law, as an Associate Attorney. 



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