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Lauren Sanchez

Managing Attorney

Lauren Sanchez graduated from Northern Arizona University, majoring in criminology and criminal justice.  She then attended Whittier Law School, where she received Certificates of Concentration in Criminal Law and Trial and Appellate Practice.

Ms. Sanchez knew she wanted to be an attorney at 10 years old. Ms. Sanchez’s passion for criminal law began with a little too much Law and Order and a desire to balance the scales. She knew early on she wanted to help people and help to fix a broken system. 


During 2015, while still in college, Ms. Sanchez began her legal career at the Compton branch of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office where learned the basics in how District Attorneys prosecute cases. In 2017, as a 2L in law school, Ms. Sanchez volunteered as a law clerk for the Norwalk branch of the LADA’s office. There, she appeared on the record as a certified law clerk conducting preliminary hearings, and drafting trial motions and briefs for attempted murder and murder trials.


In 2018, Ms. Sanchez returned to the Compton branch of the LADA’s office, where she was a law clerk for the Victim Impact Project, also known as the VIP Unit. While in the VIP unit, Ms. Sanchez worked on rape and molestation cases, learning what the DA’s office looks for when prosecuting those cases. In 2019, Ms. Sanchez worked as a post-bar law clerk with the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office. It was there she learned, if she to really wanted to make a difference in the criminal justice system, it would have to be done as a defense attorney.



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