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Are you facing legal issues in San Bernardino, CA? Worried that you will be arrested or charged soon? It's very important to get help from experienced criminal defense lawyers. Here at Costen Ruiz Law, we know how serious your case is. Our skilled criminal defense lawyers in San Bernardino are here to fight for your freedom and protect your rights.


Why choose our criminal defense lawyers in San Bernardino?

Protecting Your Rights: From the start, our San Bernardino criminal defense lawyers make protecting your legal rights a top priority. We make sure that everything we do is in line with protecting your constitutional rights, such as the right to fair treatment, due process, and not being searched or taken without a warrant.


Customized Defense Methods: We are experts at making a defense strategy that is just right for you. We look at the details of your case, like the evidence, witness statements, and past cases in order to come up with a strong plan that fits your specific needs. Our approach includes a number of legal options, such as questioning whether evidence is valid and looking for other ways to solve the problem.


Full Support: Our team will be by your side throughout your legal journey, giving you unwavering support and advice. From the first meeting to the end of the case, we're committed to making things easier for you and listening to your concerns. We make sure you're informed and able to make decisions at all times by keeping the lines of communication open.


Skilled Negotiation: Our skilled negotiators talk to prosecutors on your behalf and try to get you better plea deals or fewer charges whenever they can. We use our knowledge to work for outcomes that are in your best interests, fighting for fair treatment and less adverse effects.


Fearless Trial Advocacy: If negotiations fail to achieve the desired results, rest assured that we are ready to take your case to trial. Our experienced litigators will confidently represent you in court, presenting a compelling defense and fighting hard for justice. We carefully prepare for the trial by carefully looking over the evidence, questioning witnesses, and making strong arguments to get a good verdict.


Reports on Crime: Over the years, crime rates in San Bernardino have gone up and down, with some areas having more crimes than others. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers know a lot about how crime rates change in your area. This lets us come up with effective defense plans that are tailored to the problems you face.


Legal Landscape: If you want to win a criminal case in San Bernardino, you need to know how the law works there. Our lawyers know the local laws, how the courts work, and how the police do their jobs, so we can effectively defend clients who are facing a wide range of criminal charges.


Community Factors: The unique social factors of San Bernardino are shaped by its diverse communities, which also affect crime patterns and the way the law works. Our law firm has deep roots in the local community. This helps us build strong relationships and better serve clients from a wide range of backgrounds with understanding and respect for their culture.



Do not trust a lawyer who talks a big game but has little experience in a real courtroom with your future. When things go wrong in your life, you need a team of criminal defense lawyers in San Bernardino who are highly skilled and aggressive in defending people accused of crimes like yours, such as drug possession, drug distribution, theft, DUI, and other crimes.


At Costen Ruiz Law, we have one of the most extensive and experienced criminal defense teams. Our lawyers know what you're up against and how to get the best result. We know that going through a criminal case is hard on you and your family emotionally. We are Criminal defense Attorneys because we care about your rights and your ability to move on from this bad situation.



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How do I know if I need a criminal defense lawyer?

It's very important to talk to a criminal defense lawyer right away if you are being investigated or are facing criminal charges. If you've been arrested, charged, or contacted by police, getting a lawyer as soon as possible can help protect your rights and make sure you get the right help throughout the legal process.

What should I do if the police arrest me?

It's very important to stay calm and use your right to remain silent if you are arrested. Cops ask that you wait to talk to them until your lawyer arrives. As soon as possible, talk to a reliable criminal defense lawyer who can help you and protect your legal interests.

What should I do if I'm arrested or charged with a crime?

If you are arrested or charged with a crime, you must exercise your right to remain silent and seek legal counsel immediately. As soon as you call our office, we'll help you figure out how to deal with the legal system, protect your rights, and build a strong defense against the charges you are facing.

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